Our Workshops – Paris Express Workshops

Here are all our workshops:   

In this workshop, we will identify what makes you a Unique Market of One and help you articulate, package and monetize your gifts.  

This workshop shows you how to quickly  build a list of strong leads that will convert into loyal fans and paying customers.  

In our flagship workshop, we teach you how to write a perfect email, build trust through stories and create profitable automated sequences. 

In our mindset workshop, we tackle the ‘words between our ears’ and discover how to get rid of negative self-talk that holds us back.   

The Facebook Messenger workshop shows you how to tap into the future of email marketing by creating Messenger campaigns the right way. 

This practical workshop will help you create a detailed roadmap in order to organize your content as well as meet your business goals.  

In this workshop, we will practice and perfect the art of selling in a non-salesy way over the telephone.

In this workshop, you will walk away with a high-converting sales letter that you can use for years. 

This workshop will explain how to tell a story and the best way to use them in your marketing.

In this workshop, we will construct a total high-converting webinar for you from top to bottom.